As synesthesia moves from one stimulus to another — taste, sound, smell, touch, sight – it is one of life’s most wondrous experiences.

A sensorial event takes place, is perceived, and then leaves a trace in our memory. But it’s actually a continuous dish of poetry, the involuntary poetry that lives within us, rises up, and inevitably condenses into another sensation – the sense of experience. It’s an intimate history yet it’s also a plurality. And it happens all together, all at once. 

iSensi is a space devoted to the expressive mediations that translate the shape, flavor, sound, and aroma of things into the enunciated act of performance, touch, tradition, research, and taste.

The Synesthesia Laboratory is the expression of all five senses of its visitors. And it’s a new space hosted by the Cantele Winery, a venue where multi-sensorial research has found a new home and new ground to cover.